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Viareggio and Versilia, with the sea on one side and the rolling hills of the highest peaks of the Apuan Alps on the other; strolling through the narrow streets of the center or cycling through the cool pinewoods of the Levante and Ponente to the Darsena or even further to the wildest part of the beach, the Lecciona - almost to Torre del Lago; enjoying the compassed weather of a day with a salty taste.

You can imagine or dream of your next stay, whether it be for holidays or business, full of activities, excitement and relaxation: get ready to leave with friends, as a couple or with your family and your four-legged friend.

Where will your desire for a holiday take you? To the wide sandy beaches of Versilia or among the rugged coastline of the nearby Cinque Terre, to enjoy the excitement of the sea in every season? Or will you find your corner of happiness by cycling along the roads among the olive, oak and chestnut trees of the Versilia hills, by hiking along the mountain trails at over two thousand meters, or by visiting the artistic wonders of Tuscany? Let yourself be carried away by the curiosity to discover all the places and corners of Viareggio and Versilia, but with different eyes, our own, through the passion, knowledge and love we feel for this splendid strip of Tuscan land.

Whether you want to practice physical activities and sports, enjoy excursions and experiences in nature, or simply relax and feel good on the beaches together with the delights of our food and wine tradition, the countless suggestions will guarantee you unforgettable breaks and moments during your stay.

Coppia escursionismo all'aperto


Versilia is a land suitable for many types of trekking, with itineraries of low and high difficulty depending on the season, with the possibility of following ancient paths among chestnut woods, streams, summit meadows and vertiginous cliffs, with breathtaking views that sweep down to the sea, discovering ancient marble quarries, prehistoric caves, mountain pastures, peaks and the history of these extraordinary mountains. From the top of the Apuan Alps you will be able to admire the sea and the Tyrrhenian coast, the islands of the Tuscan archipelago and the peaks of Corsica that appear on the horizon on clear days. Groups are small to ensure a personalized experience and safety.


Located in Garfagnana, a magical Tuscan green area sandwiched between the Apuan Alps and the main chain of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, the cave GROTTA DEL VENTO is one of the most fascinating in Europe. Here, atmospheric agents incessantly excavate, sculpt and shape the limestone rocks, giving rise to majestic natural sculptures, such as the Panie massif, the enormous natural arch of Monte Forato or the stone waterfalls and crevasses of the Vetricia Plateau. Immersed in a wide variety of karst phenomena, you can admire the wonders of the underground world accompanied by expert guides. Then, in the Apuan Alps Park, we find the ANTRO DEL CORCHIA, which, with its 70 km of tunnels and shafts, is the largest underground complex in Italy.

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Fantastic 4×4 jeep tours in the most spectacular basin of the Apuan Alps to discover the precious marbles of Carrara and the continuous challenge between man and mountain to create famous and precious decorations, where Michelangelo found the raw material for the most important works in the world. It is an exciting experience because you enter a unique environment, otherwise inaccessible, and because of the breathtaking views.


From an aperitif on board at sunset, as a couple or with your best friends, sipping a good glass of wine and tasting some local delicacies, to a half-day boat experience for a relaxing afternoon cruise to discover the sights, scents and sounds of the sea, to a full day cruise among the clear sea, culture and natural beauty of the Cinque Terre and the "Gulf of Poets". Possibility of shuttle with NCC service directly from Vì Suites to Marina di Carrara, Bocca di Magra or La Spezia embarkation and return.



From simple city bike rides along the Lungomare promenade along the Tyrrhenian Cycle Route to guided electric bike tours or mountain bike excursions to get to know Versilia and its hinterland at its best. From the sea to the nearby mountains, there are countless extraordinary places to visit, with breathtaking views and natural parks, crystal clear rivers and unspoiled beaches, the history of Michelangelo and that of Giacomo Puccini, and much more. The e-bike is the ideal companion to reach any place easily and within everyone's reach, with a minimum of physical effort, but with a lot of fun and enjoyment among the most beautiful areas of Versilia.


Golf is very popular in Versilia and the numerous courses are visited by golf lovers from all over Italy and Europe throughout the year, making Versilia the ideal destination for those who want to spend their holidays without giving up their favorite sport. By choosing Vì Suites for your stay, you will have at your disposal ideal and always different solutions, just a few kilometers away.

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In Viareggio, the multiple presence of buildings, more than thirty, can lead you through a kind of museum itinerary, an itinerary created by the succession of structures characterized, for the most part, by a style of clear modernist derivation, the result of particularly indicative experiments in Viareggio's early twentieth century architecture. Along the famous promenade you can see buildings such as the famous Caffè Margherita, Bagno Balena and Emporio 48, as well as the structures of large hotels and a series of private villas, considered the most important examples of Viareggio architecture of the 1920s. Near the pine forest in the historical center of Viareggio is Villa Argentina, dating from the early 20th century. Group tours can be booked through the Cultural Association of Bourbon Villas and Historical Residences of Versilia, which organizes such tours periodically.


The Festival is one of the most eagerly awaited events in the rich cultural life of Tuscany, the most important opera festival in Italy and the only one in the world dedicated to the composer Giacomo Puccini, and it takes place every summer, in July and August, in the very places that inspired Maestro Puccini with his immortal melodies. Born in 1930, over the years it has become a prestigious event capable of attracting thousands of spectators from all over the world. Puccini's operas are performed in a large open-air theater with 3,400 seats on the shores of Lake Massaciuccoli, surrounded by greenery, in front of maestro Puccini’s Casa Museo, where the musician's remains are kept.

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Lake Massaciuccoli is located within the Migliarino, San Rossore and Massaciuccoli Natural Park reserve. The walkable nature trail continues with a level path within a small patch of wet lowland forest. A pleasant and evocative walk that immerses itself in a unique environment where it is possible to observe the typical flora of marshes and hygrophilous woods, insects, fish and other aquatic organisms, and of course, with a little attention, the various species of birds that populate this environment, an important staging, wintering and breeding area. Admission is free and free of charge, daily at any time. An offering can be left at the entrance to the walkway to help maintain free access. Both the walkway and the observatories are accessible to people with disabilities. 
For walkers, history and nature lovers, alternative routes around the Lipu Oasis are also possible. Below we indicate a number of routes, easily walkable and of varying lengths, that affect the landscape surrounding the lake and the Reserve and touch on places of artistic and historical interest.


These are must-see stops to fully understand the charm and culture of Carnival. The Viareggio Carnival Citadel, a symbolic place and a must-see stop for those visiting the city, is Italy's largest thematic center dedicated to masks. Inaugurated in 2001, inside it the magic takes shape and materializes thanks to the magnificent work of the papier-mâché masters. Visiting, then, the Carnival Museum means understanding the process of creating the majestic floats and touching a historical, artistic and cultural heritage of more than a century.

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The dates of the courses and parades for next year's Carnival, which will take place during the entire month of February, have already been published: Saturday 3/2 - Maundy Thursday 8/2 - Sunday 11/2 - Carnival 13/2 - Sunday 18/2 - Saturday 24/2.          
Book your suite, only 100 meters from the parade promenade, buy your tickets as soon as possible for your preferred date and join the most beautiful carnival in the world!

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